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9. Missions Guide

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9. Missions Guide Empty 9. Missions Guide

Post by FD Admin Thu Apr 02, 2020 4:20 pm


For any village ninja, missions are at the core of their ninja career. In general, missions are just the structure by which tasks are given to any ninja, so they can vary from simple courier missions, to more dangerous bounty hunting missions. All in all, they're just part of the job and lifestyle of a village ninja, so it's good to be familiar with how they work!

Completing missions is how your character becomes known within their respective village, gaining them the respect and trust that's needed if they want to become an important figure within their village.

Mission Basics

The majority of mission briefings follow the same structure to maintain clarity and make it easy for you to decide which mission you'd like to take on.

Mission Title: (optional) Titles are optional for missions, as all the important information is contained in the rest of the brief.

Mission Type: Missions can encompass just about anything, but some common types are: Investigation, Bounty Hunt, Civilian Assistance, etc. This is also where it will be noted if the mission is for an event or any other special mission.

Mission Difficulty: Difficulty is listed as a star rating (★), from 1-5 stars, with 1 star being the easiest. Generally speaking, a 1 star mission should be simple enough to carry out with little to no risk, so those are the missions usually given to younger, less experienced ninja, such as those who only recently graduated from the academy or just completed training (for villages with a non-standard ninja training structure). On the flip side, a mission with a 4-5 star difficulty implies a lot of risk. In fact, a mission with a 5 star difficulty rating can present a risk of death to someone who leaps in without proper caution.

Mission Objective: This is where the goal of the mission goes. It puts into the simplest terms what it is you're expected to do.

Detailed Brief: This is where any pertinent information will be that hasn't already been said anywhere else. In some cases this extra information may not be needed, but it's included for those who want as much details about their mission as possible. If you're looking for someone in particular, wouldn't it help to know as much as you can about them? This is what this space is for.

Requirements: In some cases, you won't be approved for a mission unless you meet certain requirements. This is where those requirements will be listed. If there aren't any special requirements, this will simply state N/A.

Rewards: Simply put, the reward you and any other participants will receive for completing the mission. When listing rewards for a custom mission, please make sure you specify if the reward is per person, divided among participants, and any other important distinctions.

Mission Rewards

Generally speaking, mission rewards are determined by the mission's difficulty. This is the basic reward scale:
★ | 5 Bonus funds
★★ | 10 Bonus Funds
★★★ | 15 Bonus Funds
★★★★ | 20 Bonus Funds
★★★★★ | 25 Bonus Funds

You'll want to follow this scale for deciding on your mission rewards, but you can add items, weapons, or other rewards, provided the rewards make sense. Events, Classified Missions, and other unique mission types can have significantly higher rewards per difficulty than the standard, so definitely keep that in mind!

Mission Template

[b]Mission Title:[/b] (optional) -
[b]Mission Type:[/b] -
[b]Mission Difficulty:[/b] ★ - ★★★★★
[b]Mission Objective:[/b] -
[b]Detailed Brief:[/b] -
[b]Requirements:[/b] -
[b]Rewards:[/b] -

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