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Staff Applications Thread

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Staff Applications Thread Empty Staff Applications Thread

Post by Alex Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:07 pm

Staff Applications

Staff Applications are currently OPEN

Welcome to the staff applications thread!! This is where you put in an application if you’re interested in helping out the site as a staff member! As an alternative, you can PM me with your application if you’d rather do it that way.

General Staff Expectations

  • All staff are expected to be polite/courteous, and overall respectful to others. While there will be times when a staff member will have to put their foot down and issue warnings or bans, there will be no tolerance for inappropriate behavior.
  • All staff should be comfortable writing in English. It’s not a requirement for English to be your first language, but you must be able to communicate clearly and be able to understand everything well. Language barriers would make the job difficult.
  • Moderation posts should be clear, and generally free from spelling/grammar issues. If you need to have someone proof-read your things before posting, that’s fine, but please understand that presentation is important. Some mistakes can happen, but shouldn’t be a normal occurrence.
  • Read and understand the rules and guides, and know where to find information. Even if you don’t remember every detail (which is fine), you should know where to find the information so that you can pull it up quickly when needed.
  • Be familiar with staff hierarchy/organization and know who does what job - if a user asks you about something that’s not in your lane, you should know who to direct them to if you can’t answer it yourself.


Systems staff need to show a knack for balancing and good knowledge of Naruto systems in general. While FD doesn’t just base everything off of canon, we do tend to use canon as a basis of comparison when deciding how to limit things.

In addition, and, most importantly, systems staff need to be able to understand and work with current systems, as well as be able to work with things regardless of personal preferences. Since Systems Staff will be in charge of approving custom techniques, summons, etc, they need to be deeply familiar with the FD systems, limitations, and everything else that goes with that. These staff cannot let their personal feelings get in the way of approvals/denials under any circumstances, and should always make decisions with balance and the current systems in mind.


This position doesn’t require any particular knowledge aside from basic site rules and systems, but any who apply are responsible for maintaining some activity in, at the very least, planning events and side-plots to be implemented later.

Events staff will also be the ones taking suggestions from members (and other staff) for events, and, when significant events occur, are expected to write up a summary for me to proof-read/edit before adding it to the plot page.


Must have a good knowledge of code (HTML and CSS, primarily) and solid Photoshop (or GIMP, or whatever program of choice) skills for this position, so you’d have to be able to show examples of your work. I’m currently doing this myself, but it would help to have somebody else. Similar taste isn’t mandatory per se, but it’s easier if we can both be on the same page when it comes to how things should look.


In general, mods are expected to show good judgment when it comes to taking disciplinary action against members. While the hope is that it won’t be necessary very often, if incidents occur and I’m not around, I want to feel confident that the mods will handle things appropriately.

A global mod needs to meet the expectations of the systems section as well as those of the other mod sections below since they’re expected to be able to help in other sections when necessary.

Account Mods (also known as Eval Mods) are expected to be able to read and assess completed missions fairly according to the set standards, and need to be able to work with the account listings without too many problems (know how list codes work).

Battle Mods need to have experience with combat RP and show good intuition/decision-making, as well as have a good general grasp of the systems.

For a little more information on the staff roles, check the Staff Listing.


This is fairly straightforward - you’re pretty much just expected to look for places to advertise the site. There is no strict quota, but if you’re going to apply to do this, I will expect some activity in that regard. I’ll be the one looking over/reviewing any ads placed on our site, as that’s a tedious job that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, but feel free to help out in that area as well if you take this position.

The Application Process

After you’ve posted (or PMed) your application, I’ll review it, and give you my response - keep in mind that, if you’re rejected, it’s not a personal thing. For some positions, I’m less likely to accept people that don’t have much of a track record anywhere else, simply because of the nature of the job (systems, primarily). But if there are spots available/I’m looking for staff after a month or so, you’re free to try again!

If you’ve been accepted, your first few weeks on the job will be considered a trial period - I’ll be watching what you do, particularly for systems staff, and will assess how well you do, and if I feel you’re a good asset to the team and if I’d like you to stay. To mark that you’re still on a trial period, you’ll be added to the appropriate usergroup, but will not get a banner. Once you’ve passed your trial period, you’ll get your banner! Yay!

Since the site hasn’t quite taken off yet, that 2 week period begins when you actually have work to do, which is likely going to be immediate for systems, but delayed for mods. Events staff are expected to have some sort of idea within those first two weeks after being accepted, but I also have some ideas to toss their way to work with after being accepted if they’d rather get something from me before doing their own thing.

The Application Template

Keeping in mind the expectations above, please fill out the following template to apply:

[b]Name:[/b] User and/or Real Name
[b]Position:[/b] What position are you applying for? (For mods, specify the type)
[b]Availability:[/b] How often are you on, or will be on in the next week to the foreseeing months?
[b]Preferred Method of Communication:[/b] Most Staff Deliberations and Discussions will probably occur over skype (voice chat is not required), but if you absolutely refuse to use Skype, include the next best method by which other staff can communicate with you on a regular basis.
[b]Philosophy of Staff:[/b] What should the top priorities of staff always be?
[b]Experience:[/b] Do you have experience with anything similar to the position you’re applying for? If so, include some details. (Not mandatory for all positions, such as evals, but can be a plus)
[b]Recommendation:[/b] Name any other people who have an account on FD who you think would make great staff, and why.



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