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FD Staff

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Post by FD Admin Thu May 26, 2016 2:37 pm

The Staff

Bold names denote the section admin/head

FD Staff Admini10FD Staff System10FD Staff Modera10FD Staff Events10FD Staff Gfx10FD Staff Advert10
--- -


In charge of overseeing the site, making sure the staff is organized and running smoothly. Also in charge of proofreading and ensuring there are no errors on the site. Will step in when it’s necessary, but otherwise just makes sure the rest of the staff are doing their jobs. Basically, the manager/supervisor. What a cool dude.


The Systems Administrator oversees the creation and maintenance of the site’s systems, from the Traits to the clans systems - this includes making any necessary changes. This is the person in charge of most custom creation approvals (factions can be approved by others, probably Alex). For the most part, those in Systems work behind the scenes and with other staff - there is little direct interaction between Systems and members. This is a position working directly under the site owner, and with the other staff members. Systems staff answer directly to the Systems Admin, or if necessary, directly to Alex.


Moderators are the bread and butter of the staff. Without them, the site cannot run smoothly. Mods do have the ability to ban members if they deem it necessary, and can move and delete threads. Mods answer directly to Alex and are also expected to be flexible about directions from the other major staff sections.

The Global Mod does work in all sections in order to help balance out the workload. If necessary, they can assume the role of temporary admin.

Account Mods are the ones that handle granting you points when you finish threads and ensuring that event rewards are properly distributed.

Battle Mods are in charge of moderating Event threads that involve battles as well as settling combat disputes between members.


The Events staff works to create and organize forum-wide events, and also oversees the overall site plot. Whenever significant plot events occur, Events will submit necessary additions for The Chronicles to Alex for proofreading and posting. No events are run without Alex’s approval, but these staff members are also in charge of ensuring events are running smoothly. They can enlist moderators to help with this task if needed, but otherwise they also answer directly to Alex. If you post suggestions or ideas for possible events, these are the people that will likely be discussing things with you further.


GFX = Graphics. This is the person in charge of creating plot-relevant banners, and maintaining a clean, functional site layout. Though not a primary duty, GFX helps correct site copy. Also responsible for creating/formatting advertisements to keep them looking nice.


Although this isn’t a very glorified position, it’s crucial to keeping the site alive. As the title implies, those in advertising are tasked with placing the forum’s advertisement on other sites (in the right sections and following the appropriate rules), and submitting the site to various directories to get the site’s name out there in circulation.

All staff members are expected to know all of the site's rules and most of the basic systems - or at the very least know where to find the answer (we don't expect everybody to have every last thing memorized) - so you should be able to ask all staff any question you have about rules or general systems, and they should be able to direct you to the right person for something that’s outside of their expertise.

If you’d like to apply to be part of the staff, please head to the Sign-Up thread.

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