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5. Funds

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5. Funds Empty 5. Funds

Post by FD Admin on Sat Nov 09, 2019 2:34 pm


Here on Fighting Dreamers, all character enhancements are based around Funds. This "currency" is the key to increasing your character's abilities, acquiring more techniques and equipment, and so on.

Earning Points

Funds are essential for character advancement, but they're super easy to accumulate. All you need to do is what you came here for: roleplay. As you roleplay, you'll get Funds at varying rates, based upon what you do and how well you do it. Even if you just want some casual, fun roleplay and don't want to put a lot of work into your writing, you'll be able to progress at a decent rate. That said, those that go the extra mile tend to accumulate more points as they roleplay.

The way to earn funds is as follows:

  • Completing a thread (+15)
  • Sparring or training (+10 bonus, regardless of result)
  • Event participation (based on set event rewards)
  • Completing a mission (based on set mission rewards)

Once you've completed a thread (regardless of type), simply post on the appropriate board, and a staff member will make sure everything checks out before adding your points. Since the points you'll receive for a thread are determined before you even begin, there's no process that bases the rewards on your writing ability. However, missions will be reviewed/evaluated for accuracy of the threads versus the mission objectives, and if the mission’s difficulty rating matches the events of the thread - this is to prevent abuse of the system by completing high-difficulty, high-reward missions without encountering any actual risk.

The type of threads you complete don't inherently matter. But missions, training, and sparring are the fastest way to acquire funds, since you get a bonus amount.

Keeping Track

Since earning points is as easy as simply roleplaying and making a post to notify staff that you've finished some things, those that roleplay at a quicker rate can sometimes acquire funds at a swift rate. To make sure both the member and the staff are clear on how many points the member has available, your fund amount is listed on your character's "account", and all changes to that amount are recorded to ensure accuracy.

The "account" is nothing more than a thread dedicated to keeping track of your point earnings and expenditures for that character, but it ensures everybody is on the same page and that nobody is sneaking small edits by (for example, adding 2 funds to their total so they can buy that jutsu that they really want). Note that funds are not listed as cumulative totals - the amount listed in the account is the amount that's available to spend, and once it's been spent, it's gone.

Spending Points

Once you've earned a fair amount of points and want to spend them, head over to the Registry and post, detailing what you want to spend your points on, as well as linking to anything that might be needed for whatever it is you're trying to get (some things have requirements beyond just points). Assuming all of the requirements have been met, an appropriate staff member will then ensure that the Funds are correctly deducted and the new stuff is listed on your profile or arsenal.

While this isn't mandatory (it's not going to be policed), when posting in the Registry, it helps the staff identify what's what when you include what you're asking for in the topic title, as some things specifically require staff from certain sections to review.

The Cost Guide lists most of the fund costs in one place to make it more convenient when you're ready to spend that cash!

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