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Character Aging

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Character Aging

Post by FD Admin on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:25 pm

Character Aging

While in general, the rate at which a character ages is up to each individual player, Fighting Dreamers has a system to prevent people's characters from getting stuck at a single age for eternity (because it also wouldn't make any sense for a character to stay the same age forever). However, this system really only has a noticable effect on characters that last two years or more, and is extremely flexible -- we don't want people to feel like their characters are being aged before they're ready.

When characters are approved, the month in which they're approved determines their aging block. Aging happens once a year for each character, but the month in which their age is updated is determined by when they were approved. There are 2 possible aging blocks to fall under: Block A or Block B.

Block A is comprised of characters that are approved from March through August, and these characters are aged the following January.

Block B is comprised of character that are approved from September through February, and these characters are aged the following June.

You are free to increase your character's age regardless of this, but if you change your character's age at some point during the year independent of this, you can request for your character to be skipped for their next aging period. In addition, you can ask for your character's age to be frozen for a year if you feel they need more development first even if you haven't aged them up during the past year, but you cannot do this twice in a row. (You're free to be frozen a year, age the next, and frozen another year, etc).

For plot purposes, a character's age within a thread can deviate from their actual age if it serves a purpose. This can range from serious storyline purposes (such as flashbacks, or if something would only happen for a character at a certain age -- think rituals or clan traditions -- etc.) to more casual things, such as wanting to have an IC birthday celebration for a character. Additionally, while the age up happens at a specific time, there is a flexible grace period wherein you're free to roleplay with your character at their previous age to prevent any plot plans from being changed (there is no set time, but you shouldn't completely ignore the age up. If you're still roleplaying with your character at a lower age several months after the age update, then you might be approached).

If you feel it's absolutely necessary, you can request for your character's age to be rolled back - for example, if you were on an extended hiatus and your character's aging period passed while you were gone, you can ask for them to be rolled back and aged at a later date.


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