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Post by FD Admin on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:22 pm


On Fighting Dreamers, traveling is a very simple process. In order to travel from one country to another, you need to write about your character's travel(s) within a thread - this can be done as an entirely separate thread, but can also be included at the end of your last topic within the country you're traveling from. It's suggested (but not absolutely required) that, within your travel post or topic, you write about the following:

  • Discuss your destination
  • Why you are going or leaving your village
  • Any difficulties you have
  • The landscape
  • The travel itself

Keep in mind that a single post travel thread will NOT be eligible for points unless it’s very thorough, so it's recommended to either include your travel at the end of another thread or travel with others to make the travel thread more interesting.


While it doesn't cost you anything to travel and there are no waiting times, there are still some rules that you have to follow:

  1. You cannot create any additional threads in the country you're leaving from once you've started your travel. This means that once you posted about your character traveling, you cannot start or join any threads in that country.
  2. In the interest of clarity, you should mark any threads wherein there is country to country travel with [TRAVEL TO XXX] or [ARRIVAL FROM XXX] in the title, as well as including a link to the thread where you left the previous country at the beginning of your first post within the "new" country.
  3. You cannot have threads going in three separate locations, so you should finish all threads from the character's previous location BEFORE you begin traveling again. (This is per body -- so if you have a shadow clone, it can have threads going in its previous location as well as the new location, which would put your threads in a possible 4 locations.)

Shadow Clones
It's possible to opt to use a shadow clone to travel and gather information, but there is a set of rules that must be followed:

  1. The initial creation of the shadow clone and then the original and clone going separate ways must be done IC. This means you can't just claim that somebody encountered a shadow clone without actually completing a thread in which the separation took place. Note that you can only do this with a maximum of three shadow clones.
  2. The clone will still follow the normal travel rules. This means you must create a travel thread with the clone in order for it to actually go anywhere.
  3. While the clone is active, the original will never fully regain their chakra. Even when new topics are created, they will only have half of the amount of chakra that remained after initially casting the kage bunshin technique. For example, a ninja with Tier III Chakra Capacity will only have x CP available for each thread with a single traveling shadow clone active.
  4. The clone will not have its chakra restored after the conclusion of a thread, so it is advised that the clone use its chakra sparingly.
  5. If the clone runs out of chakra or is damaged too heavily, it will disperse.
  6. Since it's a shadow clone, any information obtained by the clone will be carried back to the original once it is dispersed.
  7. You are still bound by the thread number limitations.


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