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Missions Guide

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Missions Guide

Post by FD Admin on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:17 pm


Missions are the bread and butter of shinobi that want to climb the ranks of their faction. Completing missions is seen as a ninja’s “work” and thus those that complete more missions tend to be in control, both by controlling information and by completing tasks that give their faction more hold on the world.

On Fighting Dreamers, missions are not a requirement for ranking up, but they do provide the quickest way of doing so, and they can yield some interesting rewards that would otherwise not be available through normal RP (such as special weapons or techniques). For the most part, we expect folks to create their own mission objectives relevant to their character’s goals or those of their faction(s).

The important thing to keep in mind that missions are goal-oriented - the rewards you get from a mission are primarily dependent on the mission’s success. However, even just participating will yield more Rank Points than any other topic type, regardless of the result.

Creating and Joining Missions

Before you can embark on a mission, it must first be created. On Fighting Dreamers there are very few “generic” missions that can be snagged due to the nature of the site, so most missions have to be created by the members themselves. The exceptions to this are event missions, which are typically created by staff. All missions, whether member or staff-created, follow the same template:

Mission Title: Be as descriptive or creative as you like, but it should make some sense.
Difficulty: The mission’s difficulty rating. Just like the Bingo Book, this is done through a “star rating system” ranging from 1-5 (★). The higher the difficulty rating, the more risk there is assumed to be for taking on the mission. Of course, the stronger the ninja, the easier it’ll be to succeed higher-difficulty missions, but in rating your missions, consider the difficulty rating as relative to a newly created character.
Requirements: List any special requirements, such as letter rank or profession. You can even require that only a village ninja take this mission, or only a faction-affiliated ninja. If it’s part of a series, are you required to have participated in a previous mission in order to participate in this one?Any possible requirement you could think of should be listed here, if there is one. (This is optional if you’re creating a mission only for yourself, but required if others will be participating.)

Location: Where will this mission take place?
Objective: The mission objective. Please be as thorough as necessary to explain the mission objectives. Include what is considered a success/failure if it’s not obvious/clear. If there are multiple roles or routes for the mission, include those as well.

Consider this the mission brief - the staff member reviewing your completed mission should be able to read this brief and your completed mission and agree with your claim of success or failure. In addition, the objective, including potential risks, should make sense for the difficulty rating. A message delivery mission, for example, would likely not be more than one star unless the delivery location requires you to go through dangerous territory.

In some cases, it’s better to create a series of missions. For example, you could have a series of missions with each one leading up to the other - this is often the case with event missions. The mod approving your mission will let you know if they feel it would be better to split it up.


  • Participation: Rewards for participation, regardless of result.
  • Success: Rewards for successful completion of the mission.

In general, member-created participation rewards should only be funds/rank points, or items for 1-2 star missions (anything above that should only yield item/technique rewards if the item/technique is owned by the mission creator and will be taught/given as a reward). Keep in mind that the reward should appropriately reflect the difficulty rating - a 1-star mission wouldn’t give 50 RP as a reward, and a 5-star mission with a 15 RP reward is probably not worth the effort.

If you’re unsure of what rewards might be appropriate, here’s a list of average rewards based on difficulty (your numbers can vary slightly, but anything vastly beyond or under this is likely not going to be approved):

3-4 RP
20-25 Funds
E-D Rank items/techniques

5-7 RP
25-35 Funds
C Rank items/techniques

8-10 RP
35-45 Funds
B Rank items/techniques

12-15 RP
45-60 Funds
A Rank items/techniques

16-20 RP
60-75 Funds
S Rank items/techniques

When creating a mission, remember that you’ll be expected to complete the mission to the best of your ability with accuracy to the mission objective, and with an appropriate degree of difficulty based on the mission’s listed difficulty rating. For example, if you create a 5 star mission and complete it in two posts that involve you easily handling 10 enemy ninja, you may be asked to re-write it or you risk having to forfeit your completion reward.

Of course, even if you don’t create missions yourself, others can create missions and post them up for others to join. For example, faction leaders that want certain tasks to be completed can create missions for their members to join and complete. You do not have to participate in every mission that you create - if you just like creating mission objectives, you can post them in the classifieds for others to pick up (but if you didn’t get the mission approved by staff beforehand, anybody who wants to snag it up will have to go through the process of getting it approved and making any necessary edits).

Unless otherwise specified, missions can only be completed once, regardless of whether it ended in success or failure - your actions in those missions affect the world around you, thus you wouldn’t be able to attempt the same thing the same way twice and expect success. You can create a mission with a different route or a slightly altered objective in order to get a result similar to what you wanted, but repeating of missions that don’t make much sense to repeat is frowned upon.

When you’re ready, post the completed template in the appropriate section of the registry. Be sure to specify if you’re not going to be going on the mission yourself, and if that’s the case, create a second post in that thread (so, double post) where you’ll leave space for a list of the participants. Do not edit the initial mission “brief” post after approval, or it will have to be re-modded.


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