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The Bingo Book

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The Bingo Book

Post by FD Admin on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:14 pm


The Bingo Book (手配書) is written, updated, and held by Information Specialists - and every so often, they send out updated versions to the various factions.

The sole purpose of the Bingo Book is to keep track of all ninja who could pose a threat to any faction or territory. It is vital for faction shinobi to keep track of these potential threats in order to better prepare themselves, and their territory, during times of turmoil. Due to this, each page features not only an image of the "hazardous ninja" but also includes their name or alias (if a name isn't available), their danger level, details regarding their appearance, a basic description of why they pose a threat, their bounty, and any additional notes that trackers need to be aware of.

Those that are either A-Rank or higher or have completed notable tasks are prime candidates to be placed in the Bingo Book - so if you don't want people to hunt you down, be careful about how far you stick your neck out. Jinchuuriki that use their bijuu's power before A-Rank tend to become quick targets as well.

Once you reach A-Rank or are involved in something significant (staff will notify you if you're qualified for Bingo Book placement before reaching A-Rank), please PM @Alex with your desired synopsis as well as any updates to your bounty (if necessary).

Tracking Your Target

Players wishing to pursue player characters in the Bingo Book must write a post explaining the details of how they located that target unless otherwise stated by the target in question: For example, Shin of the Land of Fire has the ability to waive the investigation requirement to find him if he so chooses, and it will be noted in his Bingo Book entry. Keep in mind that investigations will be held to a rigorous standard: discoveries that make no sense or force extremely out of character actions on the target will be denied. It is best to include actual topics and actual actions taken by that player character within your investigation thread(s). Note that hunting down a high-ranking shinobi, such as to acquire their doujutsu, can have other IC consequences, as their place in the BB does not grant you immunity from any punishments that their comrades may dish out.

Rules of the Chase

  • Player characters located in the Bingo Book are not ‘forced’ into combat situations. They have the opportunity to flee at any time and may successfully escape, as logic dictates.
  • There are no rank limits. A C-Rank shinobi can write and pursue an SS-Rank shinobi, but no special rules are involved - so if you’re an inexperienced ninja and try to chase down someone with a lot more experience and power, it may be a tough task.
  • There are no group limits. Want to round up a posse and go get yourself a criminal? Do it! The more the merrier.
  • You have whatever you started with when you post up your investigation thread. Start your thread on Monday and on Tuesday you were approved for your next rank in Speed? For the purposes of that bounty, you don't move that fast. You only have access to the jutsu/traits/items that you had at the beginning of your investigation.


  • Upon killing a player character, the character that dealt the final blow will be awarded any legendary items in the deceased’s possession (by default). However, they can choose to pass those items to someone else if they so choose when they post the thread up for evaluation.
  • All players involved in killing a player character listed in the Bingo Book receive RP according to the target’s danger level (listed below).
  • Players may harvest the kekkei genkai from deceased player characters provided they have the tools, skills, and requisite knowledge to do so. Be sure to read the Transplant guide for more info.
  • Player characters located in the Bingo Book that enter a territory must accept the first challenge issued to them regardless of rank differences or number differences. This rule is voided in the event that the player character in question has received some form of diplomatic immunity from whoever's in charge of the respective territory.
  • There is no difference in rewards for capturing vs. killing a target aside from looting legendary items. But in some cases, there may be a special reward associated with one or the other for a specific target.

Danger Level

Since letter ranks don't dictate a character's power, the Bingo Book instead uses a star system to indicate a ninja's "danger level". The more powerful and/or skilled a shinobi is, the higher their danger level. So when looking for targets to hunt, pay close attention to their danger level (staff will determine a character's danger level).

RP earned per danger level is as follows:

- 10 RP
★★ - 15 RP
★★★ - 25 RP
★★★★ - 35 RP
★★★★★ - 50 RP

In addition to the RP reward, every ninja has a bounty that stems from their status and increases as they perform significant acts (missions, for example). The character's account will list their specific bounty, which is calculated using the categories below. The bounty is split among all players that participated in the kill (but RP is not - everyone receives the appropriate RP reward for the danger level of the target). So while it might be helpful to team up with others in order to tackle that Sage-level ninja, be aware that all of the Funds from the bounty will be split between all of you - and if the number is not perfectly divisible, it will be rounded by decimal point (math rules).

The bounty categories are as follows:


  • C-Rank - 10
  • B-Rank - 15
  • A-Rank - 25
  • S-Rank - 35
  • SS-Rank - 50


  • Clan - 10
  • Kekkei Genkai - 20
  • Legendary Weapon/Technique - 30 (per weapon/technique)
  • Kinjutsu - 30
  • Jinchuuriki - 50

Mission History:

  • D-Rank Missions - 2 per successful mission
  • C-Rank Missions - 5 per successful mission
  • B-Rank Missions - 10 per successful mission
  • A-Rank Missions - 15 per successful mission
  • S-Rank Missions - 20  per successful mission


  • Terrorism/Heroism: Destroying/defending an important building (stickied) - 20
  • Terrorism/Heroism: Attacking/defending a village - 25
  • Terrorism/Heroism: Destroying/protecting a village - 150
  • Terrorism/Heroism: Attacking/defending a Faction House - 35
  • Terrorism/Heroism: Destroying/defending a Faction House - 50

  • Kidnapping: C-Rank Ninja - 10
  • Kidnapping: B-Rank Ninja - 20
  • Kidnapping: A-Rank Ninja - 30
  • Kidnapping: S-Rank Ninja - 40
  • Kidnapping: SS-Rank Ninja - 60

  • Theft: Stealing Secret Justu - 20

  • Murder: C-Rank Ninja - 10
  • Murder: B-Rank Ninja - 20
  • Murder: A-Rank Ninja - 30
  • Murder: S-Rank Ninja - 60
  • Murder: SS-Rank Ninja - 100

Sometimes a faction may have a separate reward posted for the capture and return of a ninja - these will be posted in the Classifieds.


In addition to the global Bingo Book, all players are granted access to [url=*]personal bingo books[/url]. Rather than have it filled with information that is published to all shinobi, they are able to use it to take notes on information that they gather about other player characters. Whenever your character learns something about somebody else, they can record it in this book for later use. However, rather than having the staff keep tabs on the information that is written in everybody's personal bingo books, everybody will be able to add the information themselves. Next to every entry in your book, you must link to the thread in which your character learned/gained this information. If no such link is able to be provided, the entry will be deemed void. You can keep more than one book, but keep all books contained within the same thread.

Personal BB’s don’t need to be kept on your person - they can be used to record and store information in a way that makes it easy to transfer the information to others, while making sure the information is originally gained through appropriate means (so, for example, if someone offers (OOC) to give you information about a character in exchange for something, you can make sure they aren’t giving you bogus IC info).

Be aware that other players will be able to steal your personal bingo book and gain the information written within it if you aren't careful. This includes if you are killed or knocked unconscious, as they will be able to search for the item and take it if you keep it on your person. I*f you opt to use a personal bingo book, finding a secure way to store it is recommended.

If you acquire somebody else's bingo book, you are permitted to quote from the other person's bingo book thread to post in your own - but you cannot alter that information in any way, nor should you be adding to that specific book. The same applies if you are able to steal a Bingo Book previously belonging to another character from your target.

Keeping information in a Personal BB is NOT required and is just there for those who wish to use it - but for those who like to hunt down other player characters, it can be the quickest way to show proof that you’re not metagaming.


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