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Taijutsu Guide

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Taijutsu Guide

Post by FD Admin on Sun May 22, 2016 6:12 pm


Taijutsu refers to any form of techniques involving martial arts or optimization of natural human abilities. In simpler terms, Taijutsu is hand-to-hand combat.

Although most taijutsu canonically doesn't require the use of chakra, chakra costs are applied on Fighting Dreamers to emulate exhaustion and prevent people from being able to endlessly use taijutsu. Additionally, it is possible to use chakra, both with and without an element, to enhance the power of one's strikes (in the form of a specific technique).


Although the chakra costs for Taijutsu are generally lower than other types, it's possible to further decrease your chakra costs by creating stances. For all intents and purposes, stances are subsets of techniques that all follow a general theme or style. For example, a stance that focuses on power and punches, or a stance that focuses on speed utilizing only kicks. By creating stances, you are able to have different sets of techniques to use in different situations, while at the same time reducing your chakra expenditure.

However, when entering (using) a stance, you take on a certain posture fitting of the focus of said stance. As a result, you cannot use any techniques that don't fit the stance. For example, if you enter a stance for boxing, you cannot mix in a handful of kicking techniques during a fight. If you want to use other techniques, you must switch to the other stance (if applicable) or simply leave the one you were previously in.

The chakra cost reductions for stances depend on the stance - if a stance has a pure focus, you get the maximum reduction (30%), but hybrid stances (a mix of kicks and punches, for example) only get half of that (15%).

Stance Creation

When creating a stance, use the following template:

Name: What is the stance called?
Focus: Power, speed, etc. | Punches, kicks, grappling, etc. (example: Speed | Mixed)
Requirements: Does the stance have any requirements (such as requiring a doujutsu to be active, such as the Byakugan being a requirement for the Gentle Fist)?
Description: Describe your stance. This doesn’t need to be long - just enough to explain the point of the stance. Include the posture associated with this stance.
Techniques: List the techniques that are part of the stance. When applying, only list techniques that you have sufficient proficiency to use. You are allowed to add to this later to account for aptitude investments.


<blockquote>List techniques here</blockquote>

Custom Taijutsu Creation

When creating custom taijutsu, use the following template:

Name: What is the jutsu called? You aren’t required to use a japanese name, but if you do, please include an english variant as well.
Rank: Self-explanatory - please see the Jutsu Guide for details.
Type: Taijutsu
Stance: Is this technique part of a stance? If not, list as N/A.
Element: List the element, or N/A if there is none.
Range: See the Jutsu Guide for details. Unless augmented with chakra, taijutsu should really only be Melee range.
Restrictions: Are there any restrictions for this jutsu’s use?
Description: Describe the jutsu as thoroughly as necessary.
Chakra Cost: See the Jutsu Guide for details. If the technique is part of a stance, feel free to list the final cost after the reduction.

[b]Chakra Cost:[/b]


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