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The Chronicles

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The Chronicles Empty The Chronicles

Post by FD Admin on Sat Jan 16, 2016 5:17 pm

Important Setting Information:
Fighting Dreamers takes place in an alternate timeline - while a lot of things are similar (basic concepts that make it a Naruto-based universe), the state of the world is the key difference.

There are presently no ninja villages, simply small villages that are a mix of civilians and the occasional shinobi, who tend to serve as law enforcement, and factions comprised of shinobi who have similar ideals. While these factions can take residence within the civilian villages, they tend to have a base of operations that's hidden within the natural environment in the areas around a village.

There are no formal, standardized rank names given to shinobi of a specific caliber, such as genin or jounin - they're identified globally by a letter rank, and locally by the appropriate titles that they've been granted through their faction.

One's birthplace is not what determines faction affiliation, but rather one's ideals and goals - thus, it's not uncommon for rival factions to have ninja from various locations. Though there are also factions comprised of shinobi that all come from the same village, there is no single most common demographic.

While it's very common to choose a faction, it's not a necessity - there are shinobi who choose to simply study and train, remaining within their village of birth and using what power they have to help those that cannot become shinobi themselves. But even those shinobi can come to work within a faction's territory, and though they aren't directly involved, inadvertently become involved in faction wars. It's not unheard of for a faction to target a village within an enemy faction's territory to draw them out.

Although there are clans with special bloodline traits or secret techniques, they are spread out within specific countries rather than being purely village-centric, and some have members spread across the globe.

The structures and available technologies most closely mirror those present in the Naruto canon (not counting things only shown in the sequel series). If you're not sure about something, feel free to ask!

The lore surounding the Tailed Beasts is also slightly different from the canon, purely to remove any mention of the Ten-Tails and the notion that the Tailed Beasts were once one being and can return to that state. TL;DR the Ten-Tails does not exist on FD.

The Beginning

Since the creation of the world, there were rare people born with the ability to mold and use their natural energies - chakra - and in doing so, gained the ability to use chakra to perform feats that could only be called superhuman.

Though intially these people blessed with superhuman ability were few, over time, more and more people were born with this ability. The first efforts to truly understand the use of chakra were through humans communicating with animals that had the same power, but had a higher level of mastery over these abilities.

These animals, known as "sage animals", existed in numerous species - toads, cats, dogs, and more - and not only could they utilize chakra, but they could speak and communicate with the humans.

The humans that studied under these animals began to teach others around them, leading to groups of people studying this "art of ninjutsu" as the animals had called it. From that point forward, humans that were able to utilize chakra came to be known as shinobi.

However, there were also 9 beasts comprised of chakra that roamed the earth, sea, and sky - they were not only massive, but incredibly powerful, each with a different number of tails from one to nine, and they each gained different abilities from their use of chakra. These beasts' mastery and power with the art of ninjutsu dwarfed even that of the sage animals.

The Tailed Beasts, or Bijuu - as they came to be called - were very rarely seen, but their appearances were generally synonymous with large-scale destruction. Most of them despised the humans, and took every opportunity to cause them grief.

After collaboration between the humans and the sage animals, they developed methods to seal these beasts into living vessels. The methods were very weak and temporary at first, but were gradually improved.

As the human hosts for these Tailed Beasts - who came to be known as jinchuuriki - learned to maintain control over the sealed creatures, groups of shinobi began to have different ideas about what should be done with them. A jinchuuriki, after gaining control over their Bijuu, gained access to the powers of their beast, making them significantly more powerful than the average shinobi - so maintaining control over a Bijuu and a jinchuuriki meant that a group of shinobi would likely be able to bully their way into getting whatever they wanted - on the flip side, there were those that felt a jinchuuriki should only be used as a way to prevent tailed beasts from wreaking havoc on the world.

Large-scale conflicts ensued between groups of shinobi over what the best philosophy was, and the jinchuuriki were frequently used in combat - but when a jinchuuriki dies, the beast is released from its seal and back into the wilds. The Bijuu consequently learned to avoid capture by shinobi, and eventually went into hiding.

With the disappearance of the Bijuu, the full-scale wars died down. The shinobi population, which had once grown to be so large, had seen a significant drop as a result of all of the fighting. Those that remained retreated and formed small factions, spreading their ideals among any nearby villages in an attempt to recruit them for their cause.

As the Bijuu showed no activity for the next century, talk of these beasts was eventually regarded as a legend, and the sealing techniques were only passed down among a select few, typically within clans. It wasn't until factions began taking action against each other once more that the tailed beasts became active once again, although sparingly, and some factions once again began to seek out with the intention of capturing these beasts. Most, however, still believed them to be a legend, attributing the rumors to natural disasters or acts from particularly strong factions.

Some factions either thought that organizing shinobi in larger groups would help keep conflicts to a minimum, or hoped that larger organizations would mean more opportunities to fight for dominance. Whatever their plans, these factions now had a lot to consider and a lot of options available to them.

This is where the Chronicles begin.

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