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  • The Great Nations

    Hi no Kuni | Land of Fire - Konohagakure
    Mizu no Kuni | Land of Water - Kirigakure
    Kaze no Kuni | Land of Wind - Sunagakure
    Tsuchi no Kuni | Land of Earth - Iwagakure
    Kaminari no Kuni | Land of Lightning - Kumogakure

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  • The Minor Nations

    Tetsu no Kuni | Land of Iron
    Yuki no Kuni | Land of Snow - Yukigakure
    Oto no Kuni | Land of Sound - Otogakure
    Sora no Kuni | Land of the Sky
    An no Kuni | Land of Bean Jam
    Kuma no Kuni | Land of Bears - Hoshigakure
    Tori no Kuni | Land of Birds
    Kawa no Kuni | Land of Rivers - Tanigakure
    Cha no Kuni | Land of Tea
    Ko/Ka no Kuni | Lands of This and That
    Uzu no Kuni | Land of Whirlpools - Uzushiogakure
    Tsuki no Kuni | Land of the Moon - Getsugakure
    Benisu Island

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  • Independent Territories

    Amegakure | Village Hidden by Rain
    Ishigakure | Village Hidden in Stones
    Kusagakure | Village Hidden in Grass
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